FAQ on claiming a place

1. Can I also appeal against a university which I haven’t listed in the Hochschulstart/AdH application?

Yes. You can file a claim for a place against almost all universities, regardless of whether or not you listed them in your Hochschulstart/AdH application for the university selection procedure. Strictly speaking, you didn’t even have to have appealed to Hochschulstart. Also, the Hochschulstart application should be coordinated to the appeal, if possible, to increase your chances. This applies in particular to Abitur graduates with comparatively good grades and the German Länder of Baden-Wuerttemberg, North Rhine Westphalia and Mecklenburg-Vorpommern. Early planning is therefore sensible.

2. What are the requirements for claiming a place?

Claiming a place only requires that you: Are a national of Germany or an EU Member State Have a German Abitur or an equivalent secondary school examination recognised in Germany (recardless of your results!) Have never already had a place in your desired course in Germany Other criteria such as professional training or internships will not increase your chances.

3. I have already had a place in my desired course. Can I claim?

No. However, you can file a claim for every other course, unless you studied your desired course abroad. Then you could claim for the advanced stages of a course in Germany, e.g. after the preliminary medical examination in Hungary you could start the first clinical semester in Germany.

4. Can I study a different subject or undergo training whilst claiming?

Yes. Training or studies at a foreign university are not disadvantageous to claiming a place.

5. What are my chances of success in claiming a place?

Several hundred places were revealed by claims in the medical courses, pharmacy and psychology, and were awarded to claimants. Rumours that claiming a place in these courses is a pointless endeavour are false. However, you cannot claim indiscriminately; you must use the right strategy. Basically, you should claim against several universities simultaneously so as to increase your chances of success. For details on your actual opportunities and chances, please consult a competent lawyer.

6. How long does an appeal take?

Despite expediated proceedings, claiming a place takes from two to ten months. Realistically speaking, in the medical courses proceedings take one semester, and are usually quicker in pharmacy and psychology. As soon as you are awarded your place by court order, you can start your studies. In most cases you won’t have to catch up in order to start your studies.

7. Will I be disadvantaged in any way at university by claiming a place?

No. You will not be marked or blacklisted for asserting your basic rights. Also, your lecturers normally do not know that you have claimed: the claim is filed against the university administration and not against the lecturers. Some professors of medicine even file claims for places themselves on behalf of their children.