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University Rejection

Numerus clausus, Hochschulstart and the university selection procedure are not intended to promote talented Abitur graduates and alleviate the lack of medical practitioners.

In the meantime, the universities can seek out 60% of their students themselves – this also applies to medical courses and psychology. But despite this, most universities name the Abitur exam results as the most important criteria. By contrast, a ‘regular’ university application with Abitur results of 1.3 or lower and a waiting time of less than twelve (!) semesters has practically no chance of attaining a place.

Talent, conviction, determination and academic background only play a lesser role. How can an Abitur graduate with an average result of 1.9 and advanced studies in biology and chemistry fail to obtain a place in human medicine? How can the daughter of a country practitioner wanting to carry on the practice of her father and ensure the continuance of medical care have to wait six years? How can successfully completed nursing studies and average Abitur results of 2.0 be insufficient to study medicine? Is an Abitur graduate with 1.0 in advanced German and history really better suited to these courses?

Deutsche Hochschulstiftung wants to help talented Abitur graduates to commence their desired studies sooner. Claiming a place provides this opportunity, and for this reason we support young people in finding expert information about this opportunity and even set them on the path.

Places can also be claimed in the advanced stages of the course. Even in the advanced stages of the course, it is no longer possible in the restricted access courses to automatically obtain a place at a German university: the bottleneck of the first active semester has transferred to the advanced states and, in medicine, to the first clinical semester in particular. Many students who passed their preliminary medical examination in Hungary or participated in partial study courses in Germany cannot continue their studies due to this bottleneck and are once again forced to wait.

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