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Current NC (restricted access courses) project: University rejection? Out of the question!

The reasons why Deutsche Hochschulstiftung provides information on how to appeal against rejection from restricted admission courses, especially medical courses.

For many talented Abitur graduates, the results of the Abitur examination represent an obstacle against medical studies, despite Abitur results barely proving anything about a student’s talent for, say, a medical course.

Prominent university lecturers rightly bemoan that it is unacceptable that the academic aspirations of young people are crushed by waiting times of up to six years, especially in courses where our society urgently needs new talent! As they say in the medical courses, ‘straight-A candidates don’t automatically make better doctors.’

The number of places increases from year to year in colleges and certain arts and sciences, but not in medical courses. Unlike medical courses, these courses cost less by requiring less equipment. To an extent, new courses such as ‘molecular biology’ or ‘health science’ are also created at the expense of the medical courses, which then must export teaching staff and therefore lose capacity. In July 2009, the medical associations of Westphalia-Lippe and North Rhine demanded the abolition of numerus clausus, especially since almost 1,000 doctor positions in hospitals in North Rhine-Westphalia are unfilled.

The Federal Constitutional Court of Germany decided that numerus clausus may not be arbitrary and that all available places must be determined and awarded. And that is precisely what has to be done! Talented young people need a place! And Germany needs doctors, dentists, vets, pharmacists and psychologists who take an interest in their profession!

If you have received, or are expected to receive, a rejection from Hochschulstart, a university or the selection procedure, read about appealing now - it’s simple and online!



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