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Claiming a place

For over 30 years, appealing has provided the opportunity to quickly obtain the desired place, regardless of Abitur results and waiting time.

Claiming places is based on Section 12 of the German Basic Law. All available places must be awarded. This capacity is calculated each semester by the individual universities in a complicated procedure based on a variety of factors. If the universities - accidentally or otherwise - miscalculate and places unjustly have been left empty, these places can be claimed. Over the years, several hundred such hidden places have been discovered across Germany and awarded through claims. Claiming places has one aim: to obtain the desired place regardless of Abitur results and waiting time. It is not a claim in a legal sense, rather a cluster of administrative procedures normally consisting of:

A Hochschulstart application is in most cases not completely necessary, because the claims are filed against the individual universities, not Hochschulstart. In the medical courses, claims are normally filed against at least 10 universities at once in order to improve the chances. Correct claiming strategy and the avoidance of errors in form and deadline are decisive for success. Experienced lawyers can help to avoid such errors. For this reason, Deutsche Hochschulstiftung has won a committed specialist lawyer as a lawyer in order to competently advise Abitur graduates and their parents on claiming a place.

It is a common mistake to file a claim for a place too late, because the deadlines regulated in the university admissions laws of the individual German Länder are decisive, and not the deadline on the rejection notice. Since the universities normally do not provide information about these deadlines and the internet contains a lot of incorrect information, Deutsche Hochschulstiftung’s lawyer also provides expert information in our appeals brochure.

Basically, the sooner you file your claim, the better your chances.



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